Тех задание для размещения

If your Tribe has passed moderation, the next step is to submit your content.

Since the last time - the user has become pretty wiser and has become more demanding of information - our task is to explain on your fingers than your product or service better than that of competitors, for this we have developed a small task:

1. Photo - preferably 3 photos: macro, general, product to use. Example: if it is jewelry, a macro shows what a necklace is made of, a common one is a necklace as a whole + a package and 3 views of a beautiful girl. Ideally, the main photo on a white background ..

2. Video - on the site there is an opportunity to upload your video and even more in detail tell the dear customer about their offer, this is not a mandatory function but has several advantages. If necessary, the TM team can make a promotional video for you.

3. Text - if you add a unique description - in a month you will receive a priority indexation in a search engine - at your key request ... that is, you may not have a website, but your brand will be in organic Google search.

Tell me more about your product, why you use it yourself, how it works .. remember that many obvious things to you (quality, material, style, result) - for future customers do not mean anything - they may not even guess about them.

For any questions, contact the support of TM - on your success - depends on the vector of the entire project, so we will make every effort to promote our "ark" and you can always count on competent assistance

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