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 Oil milk thistle 250 ml
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Unrefined, 100% not blended, cold pressed Obtained from the seeds of milk thistle, has a pleasant specific smell and taste, yellowish-green color. Contains polyunsaturated linoleic acid (omega-6), monounsaturated oleic fatty acid (omega-9), s..
Apricot kernel oil
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unrefined • first cold pressed Apricot kernel oil contains phytosterols, vitamin E, laetrile (amygdalin) and has a balanced content of mono- (60%) and polyunsaturated (29%) fatty acids. Promotes the rejuvenation of the whole body. Application: C..
Bacon oatmeal with cranberry, 40 g
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Composition: Oatmeal flakes, honey, Ghi oil, cranberry Energy value, 100 g: proteins - 5,2 g, fats - 2,4 g, carbohydrates - 50 g Caloric content, 100g: 240 kcal Shelf life - 6 months Contraindications: Individual intolerance ..
Buckthorn oil and seeds of 250 ml
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Unrefined 100% without blend Cold spin Reduces the damaging effect of toxins, peroxides and other aggressive factors, protects cell membranes and intracellular structures due to the presence of natural antioxidants and other biologically active ..
Burdock root oil 250 ml
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Unrefined 100% without blend Cold spin The chemical composition of burdock oil contains natural compounds, without which the human body can not do without. Even a brief glance at the chemical composition of burdock oil is enough to understand it..
Cannabis Oil 250ml
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unrefined • cold pressed Hemp oil has a unique healing effect on the body. A source of antioxidants and many useful minerals, including calcium, magnesium, sulfur, potassium, iron, zinc, phosphorus. It contains all twenty amino acids, including ni..
Cherry pastille
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Cherry pastille. Composed of only cherries and apples. In its composition, it contains a number of useful substances: B and E vitamins; ascorbic acid; carotene; riboflavin; folic acid; zinc; copper; iodine; iron; calcium...
Cherry seed oil 250 ml
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Unrefined The first cold spin provides the most intense, pleasant and sweet taste. Application: In cooking, use cherry oil to complete amazing desserts, in salad dressings, or lightly sprinkle cheese, bread, or chocolate with butter. In cosmeto..
Chocolate and nut paste, 600 g
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CHOCOLATE-NUT PASTE - 100% of plant origin. Without emulsifiers and flavors. Our pasta is a very tasty dessert. Both kids and adults adore him. But how many people, so many opinions. Some consider nut paste a very useful product (contains a l..
Grain germ oil cold pressed 250ml
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Obtained from the germ of wheat grain, has a light yellow color, a light, slightly pronounced smell and a characteristic nutty taste. Contains polyunsaturated fatty acids (vitamin F), vitamins A, B, D and E (190 mg / 100g), octacosanol, triglyce..
Grape Seed Oil 250 ml
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Unrefined, 100% not blended, cold pressed It is obtained from grape seed, has a light yellow color with a slight greenish tint, a delicate, spicy taste and a barely perceptible aroma of grapes. Contains linoleic, oleic, palmitic, stearic, palmi..
Isaiah "baby", 600 g
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Isaiah "baby", 600 g The course is designed for children with immunodeficiency, and also helps to restore immunity. The course for 30 days consists of 100 servings of barley sprout juice concentrate, 100 servings of wheat germ juice concentrate..
Isaiah individual 100% barley, 600 g
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Isaiah individual 100% barley, 600 g ..
Isaiah individual 25% barley 75% wheat, 600 g
In Stock
The product Isaiah was created using a unique technology based on scientific research in the space industry and has repeatedly proved its healing properties. The product Isaiah INDIVIDUAL is created on your personal order, taking into account the n..
Isaiah standard, 600 g
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One of the unique products in the company TM "Life" for the rapid restoration of immunity in any pathology is - Isaiah. The product Isaiah is translated from Hebrew - "Salvation sent by God." The results of the practical use of the Isaiah product ..
Oatmeal bar with nuts and dried fruits, 40 g
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The batonchik is a great option for a healthy snack during the day. Exactly like children, athletes, and those who watch their weight as an additional source of energy and nutrients. Such a bar contains protein, fiber, vitamins and trace elements, ..
Oil GHI, 200 ml
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Beneficial features: GHI is resistant to high temperature and does not emit carcinogenic substances during heat treatment, does not burn, does not foam, does not contain cholesterol and lactose, purified from casein, so people who are poorly tol..
Oil GHI, 500 ml
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Ghee - GHI "Liquid Gold" Manufactured and packaged by space technology in a high vacuum, from homemade butter. Rich in vitamins A, E, D, PP; minerals: potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, iron and linoleic acid. Free of carcinog..
Organic Coconut Flour 0.5 kg
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Coconut flour is used to make bread, pies, cookies, muffins and other pastries. In standard recipes, it can replace up to 50% of another type of flour. The texture of coconut flour allows you to perfectly cook both sweet and savory dishes, add to t..
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