Polynesian style tattoo. Maori tattoo.
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The Polynesian style is one of the oldest tattoo trends. For the most part, these are large-sized drawings are distinguished by complex ornaments and look very impressive. In addition, Polynesian tattoos carry a deep meaning and emphasize the origi..
Tattoo in the style of dotwork. Galaxy, cosmic spiral. Universal inspiration.
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 The dotwork tattoo in the form of a spiral galaxy inspires the bearer of the universe and its observers. The minimalistic style of such a pattern heats up the imagination and does not overload it with unnecessary information.  In t..
Tattoo in the style of dotwork. Sacred geometry.
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Dotwork style is an amazing patterned ornament, lace of geometric lines, bizarre patterns made using the technique of point application. Dotwork - drawings, most often geometric shapes, are created using dots, the density of which determines the co..
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