Vegetarian hematogen, 50 g

Vegetarian hematogen, 50 g
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Vegetarian hematogen, 50 g Description

The word "hematogen" means a prophylactic agent that stimulates hematopoiesis. The hematogen contains a large amount of iron, due to which hemoglobin is increased. Vegetarian hematogen has nothing to do with the classic, except for its direct purpose: to increase hemoglobin and to participate in the process of hematopoiesis. It does not contain products of animal origin, due to which vegetarians can use it. Also, vegetarian hematogen is a complete source of amino acids and is easily digestible by the body. He has a pleasant taste.

Vegetarian hematogen is made from specially developed varieties of wheat and barley, which do not contain gluten, according to the unique low-temperature technology.

Composition: barley, honey, vegetable cream, wheat juice.

Energy value, 100 g: proteins - 8,52 g, fats - 3,5 g, carbohydrates - 83,9 g

Caloric content, 100g: 389 kcal / 1627.58 kJ

Shelf life: 3 months

Store in a dry place at a temperature of + 15-25C

Contraindications: Individual intolerance

Vegetarian hematogen, 50 g Specification

Product Details
Weight 50.00g

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