Palo santo wood

Palo santo wood
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Palo santo wood Description

For many centuries, the Incas used Palo Santo in their rituals for fumigation the space and people as an effective method to kick the evil spirits away.


The Palo Santo tree should die a natural death to receive its magical and medicinal features. The «holy tree» should remain in this state 4-10 years after death. Only after the sacred medicinal and mystical effects appear.


The fume eliminates one from worries and doubts, if they are in aura. Palo Santo brings calmness, stop the internal dialogue and grounds. It has an amazing flavor that is hard to compare with something familiar: sweet and spicy at the same time, with the notes of frankincense and citrus betweenwhiles.


When Palo Santo is to be used?

– when you arrive to a new place;

– when you feel tired or depressed;

– when you came back from a crowded place;

– when you work with the body, do physical activities, yoga, qigong etc.;

– for the immersion into meditation;

– during shamanic ceremonies;

– to clean crystals or jewelry with natural stones from the accumulated information.


20gr - 240 UAH 

Palo santo wood Specification

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Weight 20.00g

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