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GAHARU OIL Description



 The Gaharu tree oil has a deep, sweet, woody, cave-like and prayerful aroma and is considered one of the most expensive woody components in the world.  Gaharu's aromatic woody heart is infused with astringent oils.

 The most common uses for the oil are for religious purposes, prayer, and also for healing purposes.  Gaharu is a well-known ingredient in medicine and perfumery, which has been successfully used since the Middle Ages.


 Boiled and infused wood is used as an analgesic, antipyretic, laxative, diuretic and anti-asthma agent.

 Since ancient times, the essential oil of the Gaharu tree has established itself as an effective remedy against various kinds of diseases when inhaled and applied:

 * Arthritis, rheumatism;

 * Bronchitis, cough, asthma;

 * Inflammatory processes on the skin;

 * Nausea and other digestive disorders;

 * Wounds, burns;

 * Diseases of the lymphatic system;

 * Low libodo, apathy.


 The aroma of the Gaharu tree is considered a powerful aphrodisiac - the abundance of pheromones has a beneficial effect on the reproductive and hormonal system, awakening desire and improving metabolism.  The smell helps to normalize the psychological state, stabilize mood and increase energy tone.


 In perfumery compositions, Gaharu is considered a diamond among woody notes, especially revered in Arab countries.  The older the wood is, the more valuable and aged is the Gaharu essential oil, which with age acquires a more multifaceted and rich aroma, interweaving of balsamic, sweet, smoky and woody notes.

 5ml - 700 UAH

 10ml - 1200 UAH

 As it turned out, oud has always been - just the feelings that it evoked in people for many centuries slowly transformed from worship to insanity.  Thanks to the ancient merchants, who for a long time, tediously, but always regularly supplied all exotic goods from East to West, oud is found in the holy books of absolutely every religion.  In the Old Testament, for example, the oud is mentioned several times along with the divine myrrh - in the Garden of Gethsemane and the joint scenes of Nicodemus with Jesus.  The Bible and the Koran, each in its own language, claim that oud was among other gifts during the meeting of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon.




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