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Bobinsana Description

Bobinsana is a powerful teacher plant from the Amazon jungle.  Providing a tonic and stimulating effect on the body, the diet with Bobinsana increases the body's immune system, supports the joints, is an anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent.

  The airy and swift energy of the plant helps a person to calm down and open his heart.  Many Shipibo shamans advise it as an initial diet, the elements of Air, and is also used as an antipyretic agent.

  Medicine works hard, but softly in the area of ​​the Anahata chakra, teaches a horse with its creative energy and how to realize it.  Warms the body, helps with high temperatures, warms the joints.

  During shamanic, cleansing diets, Bobinsan will feel the subtle world, gain clarity and fearlessness.  Her spirit learns and attentively listens to the world around us and perceives everything around her more heart than a rational mind.


  The active substances in the plant successfully fight cancer cells in the initial period.  A diet with Bobinsana from two weeks effectively helps with pain in bones, joints of various origins, with arthritis, rheumatism.  # Diet with Bobinsana helps with edema of the organs of the body, when it is necessary to remove excess fluid from the body.  The diet effectively fights viruses for colds and lung diseases.


1 week dieta with master plant 150$


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